Fashion Cares

25 Year Retrospective Book

As part of this year's 25th anniversary celebration of Fashion Cares we are producing a spectacular 25 year retrospective, commemorative book (hardcover, 480 page, limited edition) celebrating the best of the past 25 years of Fashion Cares.
The fashion, music and people that have made Fashion cares an internationally renowned event are featured throughout the book.
It is insightful, colourful and is a tribute to the fashion industry, their caring and generous contribution over the past 25 years and to those who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Aids Committee of Toronto (ACT) and The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF).


Managing and Marketing Your Cosmetic Medical Website or
How to Get Your Site on the First Page of Google

Over the past two decades, we have watched the Cosmedic Industry evolve into a multi-billion dollar business. Consumers stepped out of the closet-with their latest and greatest best friend (their plastic surgeon) draped over their arm-to exuberantly extol the advantages of enhancement.
Clinics started popping up everywhere, from the back of the hairdresser's workshop to the (who-would-have-thought-it-was-possible) narrow storefront next door. Doctors started thinking about marketing and ad agencies became bookies for the best placement. Then the dark clouds rolled potential patients began searching for deals and services, the Internet became the catalyst to assist them.
Doctors who caught on early built websites and witnessed "standing room only" in their reception areas, while others scratched their heads, refusing to believe the Internet was that powerful. Now, over 90% of people use the Internet (at some point) to find a doctor, seek information, or price services. The trouble is, having a website is no longer enough-where you show up in a Google search is just as important.
The INTERNet explains how cosmedic doctors can position themselves precisely where they want their patients to find them-on the first page of Google (or Bing or Yahoo!). With great insight, innovative ideas, and lessons taken from successful doctors, Ann Kaplan will show you how to make the Internet work for you. She won't just help you understand search engine optimization, she will change the way you think about marketing the business of beauty.

Physicians need to do a cost-benefit analysis to ensure their investment in an SEO program pays (off) - the eyeballs you are attracting turn into paying customers."
Dr. Frances Jang - Celebrated Skin Expert/Cosmetic Dermatologist

Best Practices

Managing and Marketing Your Cosmetic Medical Practice in Turbulent Times

The past decade has seen a boom in the cosmetic enhancement industry. With the advent of laser technology and a growing array of dermal fillers and botulinum toxins, the marvels of non-surgical cosmetic enhancement unfolded and suppliers, cosmetic doctors, and patients alike happily reaped the rewards.
Then came the inevitable bust. With the world economy in a downward spiral, no industry has escaped the clutches of the recession. Cosmetic doctors are increasingly finding that patients are spending fewer dollars and visiting less often. At the same time, a new wave of competition has entered the market as less qualified non-physicians begin to set up shop. For the first time, cosmetic medical practitioners find themselves asking, what now?
Best Practices explains how, for the bold and the clever, an economic downturn is a golden opportunity. Drawing on the experience of some of the worlds most successful cosmetic doctors and the expertise of the leading minds in business, Ann Kaplan shows how to strategically navigate your way to a more efficient and profitable business model, both now and in the long run. With the right attitude (and a great deal of sweat and a few tears) she argues that you can actually grow your business in a downturn economy. With an incredible insight and innovative ideas, she will change the way you think about the business of beauty.

Successful entrepreneurship is a marriage of good natural instincts with good background knowledge of your product and good marketing ability. Sometimes, people like myself...forget about our natural instincts.
Dr. Woffles Wu

If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry

Cosmetic Enhancement Humor

For anyone whos ever had a cosmetic enhancement treatment or known someone who has joined the ranks of the augmented, stretched, and pulled, If You Dont Laugh, Youll Cry illustrates in comical color the illusive pursuit of beauty. It is the unsaid, but often-thought, truth about cosmetic enhancement, presented without shame or apology.
This wickedly funny collection will induce uncontrollable laughter and perhaps a few tears in every person who has doggedly pursued, or even just dabbled in, the promise of eternal youth. After all, it was just over a decade ago that the most effective treatments for wrinkles and other signs of aging were a dimmer, bottle of wine, and a sheet pulled over your head. We've come a long way so far...that we may sometimes take it too far.

Cant help it life has too many pressures and too many serious moments to not find some humor in it even (perhaps especially) in the pursuit of youth and beauty
Ann Kaplan, Author